Original paper

Possibilities for successful reproduction of reintroduced salmon in tributaries of the River Rhine

Ingendahl, D.; Neumann, D.

Large Rivers Vol. 10 No. 1-4 (1996), p. 333 - 337

10 references

published: Sep 18, 1996

DOI: 10.1127/lr/10/1996/333

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In winter 1994/95 freshly fertilized salmonid eggs placed in Whitlock - Vibert boxes were exposed in the sediments of three tributaries of the River Rhine. During the developmental period, parameters of the interstitial water (temperature, pO2, nitrate, nitrite and ammonium) were monitored near the egg boxes buried in the vicinity of natural redds. Mortalities of ova increased in correlation with decreasing oxygen concentrations in the sediment layers where the eggs had been deposited. The decrease in oxygen was related to particle size distribution of the streambed sediments.


salmonegg boxessedimentoxygennitrateammoniumRiver Rhine