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Flood plain conservation in the Danube River Basin, the link between hydrology and limnology: Summary report on the 34th IAD Conference, August 27-30, 2002, in Tulcea (Romania) and the 21s' IHP/UNESCO Hydrological Conference, September 2-6, 2002, in Bucharest (Romania)

Bloesch, Jürg

Large Rivers Vol. 14 No. 3-4 (2003), p. 347 - 362

83 references

published: Dec 19, 2003

DOI: 10.1127/lr/14/2003/347

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The 34th Conference of the International Association for Danube Research (IAD) in Tulcea, Romania, focused on the general topic "Biodiversity as an indicator of aquatic ecosystem quality and restoration of the River Danube and its tributaries". About 140 scientists from 11 Danubian countries presented related contributions published in the conference proceedings (Brezeanu & Ştiuca 2002). The 21st IHP/UNESCO-Conference on the Hydrological Forecasting and Hydrological Bases of Water Management in Bucharest was mainly focused on hydrological modeling and water resources management (IHP/UNESCO 2002). From the sustainable river management point of view, flood plain conservation presents a unique example of a win-win situation between flood control (retention) and aquatic ecosystem (biodiversity) protection. This article provides a review and synopsis of the proceedings and stresses the need of a closer relationship and cooperation between Iimnologists and hydrologists in the Danube River Basin.


Danube riverhydrologyconservationecosystem qualityflood plain