Teodorovic, I.

Large Rivers Vol. 16 No. 1-2 (2005), p. 3 - 5

12 references

published: Nov 11, 2005

DOI: 10.1127/lr/16/2005/3

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River Basin Management: Concepts and Transboundary Implementation (with Special Reference to the Danube River) is the title of this special volume of Large Rivers devoted to, or rather emerged from, the 35th IAD Conference in Novi Sad entitled Scientific concepts and implementation of sustainable transboundary river basin management. Both titles are as complex as the real meaning of the words they consist of. The words are so familiar even to non-scientists, nonenvironmentalists and non-ecologists that nobody thinks of their actual meaning any more. Still, the genuine meaning of these words and the consequences of the actions done (or not done) and decisions made upon the use of the words are certainly among the hottest, and, I dare saying, the most valuable subjects covered by this volume, particularly in papers by Bloesch, Boon, Bogdanovic and Iordache & Bodescu. Another valuable, or rather, precious aspect of this volume is an attempt, to my personal opinion a quite successful one, to make a giant step forward in IAD scientific performance, similar both in words and their genuine meaning to the one that our late ancestors undertook when moved from ªgatherers and collectorsº, as Bloesch wittedly put it, via hunters to producers. With the 35th Conference, its proceedings and particularly with this special volume of Large Rivers, mainly thanks to extraordinary scientific performance of the invited plenary speakers, but some of IAD members as well, IAD made that move: from "gathering and collecting" to conceptual framework and predictive modelling (see papers by Bloesch et al.; Behrendt et al.; Schreiber et al. ). Constantly enhancing scientific performance and, why not, a bit of self-advertising for expertise in applied science is, to my deepest belief, the only ªway outº for IAD, from a bit sleepy scientific association to a competent partner in water protection, conservation, restoration projects and even water management within the Danube River Basin (see papers by Schneider-Jacoby; Erols; Schulz et al.). The Danube River Basin is, apparently, gradually coming into limelight.


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