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Modelling of water flow in a coupled surface-groundwater system. Application of the benchmarking process to the Riera del Carme basin (Barcelona, Spain)

Candela, L.; Gómez, M.; Elorza, F. J.; Mira, J.; Sánchez, H.; Igel, W. von

Large Rivers Vol. 17 No. 1-2 (2006), p. 115 - 131

16 references

published: Jul 28, 2006

DOI: 10.1127/lr/17/2006/115

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Results of a surface-groundwater modelling application in the Riera del Carme catchment (Barcelona, Spain) following a benchmark procedure application are presented. The case study focuses on groundwater flow understanding as the management objective was to reduce groundwater extraction to sustainable levels. As the catchment is a hydraulically connected stream-aquifer system, modelling couples in a chained form Visual MODFLOW 3.0 and a black box code for surface water specifically developed for the case study. Although the poor quality of data made the modelling exercise more difficult, the most important output is the identification of those parameters with the greatest contribution for the hydrologic system understanding, and consequently those which need to be accurately monitored. The application of the BMW model evaluation tool (MET) for the selection and evaluation of simulation models step by step in the case study has been an useful tool.


groundwater systemparameterriera del carmebarcelonaspain