Original paper

Nahrung und Nahrungskonkurrenz von Laufkäfern und Ameisen in einer nordalpinen Wildflußaue

Hering, Daniel

Large Rivers Vol. 9 No. 3-4 (1996), p. 439 - 453

30 references

published: Feb 12, 1996

DOI: 10.1127/lr/9/1996/439

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Aquatic invertebrates occur in very high densities along the shoreline of alluvial streams in the Alps. These organisms are an abundant source of food for predacious terrestrial beetles living on gravel banks along the edge of the stream. Changes in discharge resulting from the generation of hydroelectric power appear to weaken the competitive advantage of the riparian beetles and favour ants coexisting with the beetles on the gravel banks.


ground beetlenorth-alpine floodplainantsaquatic invertebrates