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No. 3-4

Large Rivers Vol. 13 No. 3-4

Management of Northern River Basins. Conference NoRiBa June 5-8, 2001, Oulu, Finland

Guest-Editors: Jouko Inkeröinen; Erkki Alasaarela

2002. 301 pages, 95 figures, 60 tables, 16x25cm, 680 g
Language: English

ISBN 978-3-510-66031-5, paperback, price: 128.00 €

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Original paper

Management of Northern River Basins: Scope, objectives and outcome of the Conference

Kämäri, Juha; Alasaarela, Erkki; Inkeröinen, Jouko; Karjalainen, Satu-Maaria; Heikkinen, Kaisa

p. 189-194, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103015 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/189

Original paper

Effects of weather conditions on water quality in two small boreal rivers.

Arvola, Lauri; Hakala, Ilpo; Järvinen, Marko; Huitu, Eeva; Mäkelä, Suvi

p. 195-208, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103009 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/195

Original paper

Different scales of analysis in classifying streams: from a multimetric towards an integrate system approach.

Cortes, R.M.V.; Oliveira, S.V.; Cabral, D.A.; Santos, S.; Ferreira, T.

p. 209-224, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103012 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/209

Original paper

Macroinvertebrates as indicators of water quality in rivers: a scientific basis for Polish standard method.

Fleituch, T.; Soszka, H.; Kudelska, D.; Kownacki, A.

p. 225-239, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103003 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/225

Original paper

The effects of Fe and Al exposure with or without humic acid at two pH levels on the gills, oxygen consumption and blood and plasma parameters of juvenile grayling (Thymallus thymallus).

Peuranen, Seppo; Keinänen, Marja; Tigerstedt, Christina; Kokko, Juha; Vuorinen, Pekka J.

p. 241-261, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103006 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/241

Original paper

Estuarine aggregates in the longitudinal profile of the River Elbe: seasonal changes in occurrence, characteristics and colonization.

Zimmermann-Timm, Heike; Hoberg, Marcus; Holst Henry, ; Müller, Stefan

p. 263-283, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103016 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/263

Original paper

Impacts of land-use on concentrations of nutrients in runoffs: Preliminary results in small catchment areas.

Hakala, Ilpo; Huitu, Eeva; Mäkelä, Suvi; Arvola, Lauri

p. 285-303, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103001 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/285

Original paper

Nutrient runoff change in a rural catchment in South Estonia.

Järvet, Arvo; Mander, Ülo; Kull, Ain; Kuusemets, Valdo

p. 305-319, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103002 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/305

Original paper

Budgets of nitrogen fluxes in riparian grey alder forests.

Löhmus, Krista; Kuusemets, Valdo; Ivask, Mari; Teiter, Sille; Augustin, Jürgen; Mander, Ülo

p. 321-332, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103010 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/321

Original paper

Treatment of wastewater from milk rooms with ferric sulphate.

Närvänen, Aaro; Jansson, Håkan; Yli-Halla, Markku

p. 333-339, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103013 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/333

Original paper

Possible climate and water balance changes in Karelia (Russia) during the first half of the XXI century.

Filatov, Nikolai; Nazarova, Larisa; Salo, Yuri

p. 341-352, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103018 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/341

Original paper

Indicators of sustainable water level regulation in northern river basins: a case study from the River Paatsjoki water system in northern Lapland.

Hellsten, S.; Marttunen, M.; Visuri, M.; Keto, A.; Partanen, S.; Järvinen, E. A.

p. 353-370, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103011 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/353

Original paper

A large-scale river basin management programme in the northern part of Finland.

Junttila, Kaisa; Paananen, Paula; Rahkila, Riina; Yrjäna, Timo; Luokkanen, Eira; Halonen, Miikka

p. 371-386, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103014 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/371

Original paper

Integrated management and monitoring of boreal river basins: an application to the Finnish River Siuruanjoki.

Laine, A.; Heikkinen, K; Heikkinen, M.; Karjalainen, S. M.

p. 387-399, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103004 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/387

Original paper

A Decision Support System for management of boreal river catchments.

Lauri, Hannu; Virtanen, Markku

p. 401-408, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103019 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/401

Original paper

River basins and rules on non-navigational use of international watercourses.

Asheesh, Mohamed; Katko, Tapio S.

p. 409-421, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103020 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/409

Original paper

De-eutrophication of northern rivers and lakes - experiences from ProAQUA-project.

Niemelä, Riitta; Auniola, Anna-Mari; Jansson, Helena; Ponomarenko, Yevgeniy; Stolberg, Felix; Thurdin, Rikard

p. 423-435, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103005 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/423

Original paper

An assessment of riverine loads of nutrients to Lake Peipsi, 1995-1998.

Stålnacke, Per; Sults, Ülo; Vassiljev, Anatoli; Skakalsky, Boris; Botina, Alla; Roll, Gulnara; Pachel, Karin; Maltsman, Tatiana

p. 437-457, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103007 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/437

Original paper

Self-purification processes in Estonian rivers receiving sewage from oil shale processing industry.

Truu, Jaak; Talpsep, E.; Heinaru, E.; Heinaru, A.

p. 459-469, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103008 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/459

Original paper

Possibilities and constraints in the management of the Glomma and Lägen river basin in Norway.

Østdahl, Torbjørn; Skurdal, Jostein; Kaltenborn, Bjørn Petter; Sandlund, Odd Terje

p. 471-490, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014103017 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/471

No. 1-2

Large Rivers Vol. 13 No. 1-2

2002. 188 pages, 52 figures, 26 tables, 16x24cm, 450 g
Language: English

ArtNo. ES142014101, paperback, price: 92.80 €

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Original paper

Ecomorphological survey of large rivers - Monitoring and assessment of physical habitat conditions and its relevance to biodiversity.

Kern, Klaus; Fleischhacker, Thomas; Sommer, Monika; Kinder, Michael

p. 1-28, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014101009 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/1

Original paper

The effect of riverbed management on the habitat structure and macroinvertebrate community of a ninth order river, the Danube in Austria.

Humpesch, Uwe H.; Fesl, Christian; Rüger, Horst

p. 29-46, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014101010 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/29

Original paper

Qualitative short-term effects of cyanide and heavy metal pollution on phytoplankton and periphyton in the Rivers Tisza and Szamos (Hungary).

Kiss, K.T.; Acs, E.; Barkacs, K.; Borics, G.; Böddi, B.; Ector, L.; Solymos, G. K.; Szabo, K.; Varga, A.; Varga, I.

p. 47-72, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014101011 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/47

Original paper

The content of some macronutrients and heavy metals in aquatic macrophytes of three ecosystems connected to the Danube in Yugoslavia.

Pajević, S.; Vucković, M.; Stanković, Z.; Krstić, B.; Kevresan, Z.; Radulović, S.

p. 73-83, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014101007 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/73

Original paper

Factors influencing chlorophyll in an agriculturally-impacted river.

Hatch, Lorin K.

p. 85-98, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014101001 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/85

Original paper

River-backwater pond interactions in the lower basin of the Salado River (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Solari, L. C.; Claps, M. C.; Gabellone, N. A.

p. 99-119, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014101002 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/99

Original paper

Integral water protection along the Danube - trite or concept - and how is IAD engaged?

Bloesch, Jürg

p. 123-128, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014101004 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/123

Original paper

The ecological functions of the Danubian floodplains and their restoration with special regard to the Lower Danube.

Schneider, Erika

p. 129-149, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014101008 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/129

Original paper

Significance of side-tributaries and floodplains for Danubian fish populations.

Guti, G.

p. 151-163, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014101005 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/151

Original paper

The Danube delta: Filter or bypass for the nutrient input into the Black Sea?

Suciu, Radu; Constantinescu, Adrian; David, Cristina

p. 165-173, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014101003 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/165

Original paper

The unique ecological potential of the Danube and its tributaries: A report on the 33rd IAD-Conference in Osijek, Croatia, 3-9 September 2000.

Bloesch, Jürg

p. 175-188, published: Jan 1, 2002

ArtNo. ESP142014101006 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/lr/13/2002/175

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