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Remote sensing of temperature and wind using acoustic travel-time measurements

Barth, Manuela; Fischer, Gabi; Raabe, Armin; Ziemann, Astrid; Weiße, Frank

Meteorologische Zeitschrift Vol. 22 No. 2 (2013), p. 103 - 109

published: Apr 1, 2013

DOI: 10.1127/0941-2948/2013/0385

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A remote sensing technique to detect area-averaged temperature and flow properties within an area under investigation, utilizing acoustic travel-time measurements, is introduced. This technique uses the dependency of the speed of acoustic signals on the meteorological parameters temperature and wind along the propagation path. The method itself is scalable: It is applicable for investigation areas with an extent of some hundred square metres as well as for small-scale areas in the range of one square metre. Moreover, an arrangement of the acoustic transducers at several height levels makes it possible to determine profiles and gradients of the meteorological quantities. With the help of two examples the potential of this remote sensing technique for simultaneously measuring averaged temperature and flow fields is demonstrated. A comparison of time histories of temperature and wind values derived from acoustic travel-time measurements with point measurements shows a qualitative agreement whereas calculated root-mean-square errors differ for the two example applications. They amount to 1.4 K and 0.3 m/s for transducer distances of 60 m and 0.4 K and 0.2 m/s for transducer distances in the range of one metre.


acoustic travel-time measurementssound propagation in airtemperaturewindflux estimation