Results from the German Priority Program SPP 1276 “Multiple Scales in Fluid Mechanics and Meteorology” (MetStröm), Part II.

Klein, Rupert; Etling, Dieter; von Larcher, Thomas

Meteorologische Zeitschrift Vol. 23 No. 6 (2015), p. 559 - 559

7 references

published: Jan 13, 2015
manuscript received: Nov 13, 2014

DOI: 10.1127/metz/2014/0658

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The special issue 6/2014 of the Meteorologische Zeitschrift is dedicated to contributions from the German Priority Program SPP 1276 “MetStröm”. Information about this program was already provided in the editorial by Klein et al. (2014) prefacing the nine papers published in the first special issue on a variety of topics investigated within MetStröm earlier this year. In this issue, a second set of six papers is presented with four of them focusing on research activities around the benchmark experiments in the “Rotating Annulus”, which were performed at the Brandenburg Technical University at Cottbus. These are the contributions by Borchert et al. (2014): Finite volume models with implicit subgrid-scale parameterisations for the heated rotating annulus, by Hoff et al. (2014): Empirical singular vectors of baroclinic flows deduced from experimental data of a differentially heated rotating annulus, by von Larcher and Dörnbrack (2014): Numerical simulations of baroclinic driven flows in a thermally driven annulus using the immersed boundary method and by Vincze et al. (2014): Benchmark in a rotating annulus: a comparative experimental and numerical study of baroclinic wave dynamics. The paper by Queck et al. (2014): TurbEFA: an interdisciplinary effort to investigate the turbulent flow across a forest clearing is related to the field experiment on turbulence within a forest canopy. Finally, the article by Dietze et al. (2014): Controlling entrainment in the smoke cloud using level set-based front tracking is concerned with the subtopic “Two-Phase Flows/Convection”, which is one of the three sub-topics in MetStröm as mentioned in Klein et al. (2014). The last papers of this MetStröm series will appear as part of the next regular issue of Meteorologische Zeitschrift and will contain topics on semi-convection, turbulence effects in clouds, tropical cyclones and subgrid scale modelling.