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On separation of variables in the linearized nonhydrostatic atmospheric model

Bourchtein, Andrei; Bourchtein, Ludmila

Meteorologische Zeitschrift Vol. 25 No. 1 (2016), p. 79 - 84

11 references

published: Feb 24, 2016
published online: Oct 21, 2015
manuscript accepted: Jul 13, 2015
manuscript revision received: Jun 24, 2015
manuscript revision requested: Jun 9, 2015
manuscript received: Apr 19, 2015

DOI: 10.1127/metz/2015/0690

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The equations of the vertical and time-horizontal structures of the linearized nonhydrostatic atmospheric model are derived based only on a supposition of separation of variables. The obtained results are compared with those of the traditional approach of searching for solutions in the wave form with respect to time and/or horizontal coordinates. It is shown that all formulas of the vertical structure follow from the supposition of separation of the vertical coordinate alone. The time-horizontal structure equations are derived in a general form, which is reduced to the wave-type formulas under additional assumptions.


nonhydrostatic equationssmall perturbationsseparation of variablesvertical structure equation