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Upper limit for wind shear in stably stratified conditions expressed in terms of a bulk Richardson number

Emeis, Stefan

Meteorologische Zeitschrift Vol. 26 No. 4 (2017), p. 421 - 430

37 references

published: Oct 26, 2017
published online: May 8, 2017
manuscript accepted: Mar 20, 2017
manuscript revision received: Mar 15, 2017
manuscript revision requested: Dec 15, 2016
manuscript received: Sep 21, 2016

DOI: 10.1127/metz/2017/0828

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Profile measurements of wind and potential temperature from a land site (obtained by a RASS for several years) and an offshore site (obtained at the meteorological mast on the research platform FINO 1 for one year) are used to analyse the temporal evolution of wind speed and wind shear under statically stable conditions, especially in situations with low-level jets. In both cases a bulk Richardson number is calculated from the data. Data analysis indicates that there seems to exist a lower bound for the bulk Richardson number during stable stratification which is greater than zero. At this lower bound the flow reaches its maximum possible vertical wind shear. Even larger shear would then mean production of new turbulence which in turn would reduce the shear. Therefore, at this lower bound, the flow is in equilibrium between production and depletion of turbulence characterized by an equilibrium Richardson number. This equilibrium Richardson number is found here at about 0.1 for the land site and 0.04 for the marine site. For situations where maximum shear occurs, this shear can be compared to the shear described by the logarithmic vertical wind profile law for stable stratification. This allows the derivation of relations for the equilibrium Richardson number and the constant in the correction term of the logarithmic wind law in terms of the stratification parameter z∕L*$z/L_{\ast}$ and the surface roughness zT$z_{T}$ for temperature.


stable boundary layerwind shearlow-level jetRichardson numberwind profile law