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Eco-efficiency in aviation

Grewe, Volker; Linke, Florian

Meteorologische Zeitschrift Vol. 26 No. 6 (2017), p. 689 - 696

37 references

published: Dec 8, 2017
published online: Sep 13, 2017
manuscript accepted: Jun 26, 2017
manuscript revision received: May 31, 2017
manuscript revision requested: Mar 20, 2017
manuscript received: Dec 10, 2015

DOI: 10.1127/metz/2017/0762

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Air traffic guarantees mobility and serves the needs of society to travel over long distances in a decent time. But aviation also contributes to climate change. Here, we present various mitigation options, based on technological and operational measures and present a framework to compare the different mitigation options by taking into account aspects, such as changes in operational costs, climate impact reduction, eco-efficiency, possible starting point of the mitigation option and the investment costs. We show that it is not possible to directly rank these options because of the different requirements and framework conditions. Instead, we introduce two different presentations that take into account these different aspects and serve as a framework for intercomparison.


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