Original paper

On the systematic position of a specimen previously assigned to Carnivora from the Pliocene of Argentina and its implications for the Great American Biotic Interchange

Prevosti, Francisco Juan; Gasparini, Germán Mariano; Bond, Mariano


A fragmentary right maxilla with the deciduous and permanent canines, recovered from the Chapadmalalan (late Pliocene) of Argentina, was originally described as a sabertooth marsupial (Thylacosmilidae). A latter reviewer suggested that it could be a placental carnivore (Carnivora). In this paper we review the status of this specimen and conclude that it is assignable to an artiodactyl Tayassuidae thus rejecting the occurrence of a non-procyonid carnivore in the Chapadmalalan (Pliocene) and providing the second oldest record of tayassuids in South America.