Original paper

The Silky Shark, Carcharhinus falciformis BIBRON, 1841), in the Pliocene of Cava Serredi (Fine Basin, Italy)

Carnevale, Giorgio; Marsili, Stefano; Caputo, ; Egisti, Lorenzo


An isolated tooth of the Silky Shark, Carcharhinus falciformis, is described from the Early Pliocene of Cava Serredi in the Fine Basin, Tuscany. The specimen is interpreted as an upper lateral-posterior tooth and is characterized by a straight mesial cutting edge with a marked gap in the serrations at the level of the angular notch. The thermophilous character of this shark species provides new evidence of the warm climatic affinities that the Mediterranean had during the lower Zanclean. From a paleoenvironmental point of view the occurrence of Carcharhinus falciformis is consistent with the data derived from microfossil assemblage analyses, and appears to be indicative of a depositional setting close to the edge of the continental shelf.


CarcharhinidaeCarcharhinus falciformisPlioceneCava SerrediTuscany.