Original paper

Tournaisian and Visean ammonoid stratigraphy in North Africa

Korn, Dieter; Bockwinkel, Jürgen; Ebbighausen, Volker


Fifteen ammonoid assemblages can be distinguished in the Tournaisian and Viséan succession of Morocco and Algeria; these are (in ascending order): Gattendorfia-Eocanites Assemblage, Gattendorfia-Kahlacanites Ass., Goniocyclus-Protocanites Ass., Acrocanites-Kazakhstania Ass., Pericyclus-Progoniatites Ass., Ammonellipsites-Merocanites Ass., lower Bollandites-Bollandoceras Ass., upper Bollandites-Bollandoceras Ass., Entogonites-Maxigoniatites Ass., Goniatites tympanus Ass., Goniatites rodioni Ass., Goniatites gerberi Ass., Dombarites granofalcatus Ass., Platygoniatites rhanemensis Ass., and Ferganoceras torridum Ass. Several of these faunal complexes can be subdivided into species zones, which can be correlated with ammonoid successions in other regions such as Central Europe. The new family Acrocanitidae is erected and placed in the Prionoceratoidea. Additional new taxa are Acrocanites smidensis n. sp., Jdaidites serpentinus n. gen. n. sp., Beyrichoceras merzougense n. sp., and Goniatites tympanus n. sp.


carboniferoustournaisianviseanammonoidsnorth africastratigraphy