Original paper

First report on a new basal eusuchian crocodyliform with multicusped teeth from the Upper Cretaceous (Santonian) of Hungary

Ősi, Attila; Clark, James M.; Weishampel, David B.


A new fossil crocodyliform lying near the ancestry of living crocodylians, Iharkutosuchus makadii gen. et sp. nov. from the Upper Cretaceous Csehbánya Formation of Iharkút, western Hungary is described here. Phylogenetic analysis indicates that Iharkutosuchus is the sister taxon of the Early Cretaceous Hylaeochampsa. This basal eusuchian is extremely heterodont and possesses complex multicusped teeth. Tooth wear and muscle architecture indicate buccolingual movement of the mandible during occlusion, and comparison with mammalian teeth suggests that I. makadii fed on very fibrous plant structures.


crocodyliformeseusuchiahylaeochampsidaeheterodontlate cretaceoushungary