Original paper

Stegomastodon waringi (Mammalia, Proboscidea) from the Late Pleistocene of northeastern Uruguay

Alberdi, Maria Teresa; Prado, José Luis; Perea, Daniel; Ubilla, Martin


Fossil remains belonging to Proboscidea from the Cerro Largo Department (northeastern Uruguay), are described and taxonomically identified in this work. We compared these remains with those of Stegomastodon waringi and Stegomastodon platensis from several localities in Brazil and Argentina using Discriminant Analysis. Based on general morphology and the results of multivariate analyses we considered this specimen as Stegomastodon waringi (HOLLAND, 1920), which along with previous reports significantly expand the southern geographic distribution of this gomphothere species in South America.


stegomastodon waringimammaliaproboscideaupper pleistoceneuruguaysouth america