Original paper

Tulites cadus BUCKMAN, 1921 (Ammonoidea) from the Middle Bathonian of the Polish Jura and its biostratigraphic significance

Zatoń, Michał


Tulites cadus BUCKMAN, a Middle Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) ammonite species belonging to the family Tulitidae, for the first time was found in situ in Poland in two outcrops situated in southern and central part of the Polish Jura (south-central Poland). Previously, the Tulites species noted in Poland lacked the precise location in the sections, or even the exact locality. The present findings allows us for the first time to locate the Subcontractus Zone in Polish outcrops, delimit the boundary between the Subcontractus and Morrisi Zones in the Middle Bathonian sediments of the Polish Jura, and prove the Middle Bathonian (Subcontractus Chron) age of the Polish Tulites species, instead of Early Bathonian, as was recently suggested by KOPIK (2006).


ammonitesbiostratigraphymiddle jurassicbathonianpoland