Original paper

New and unusual Bryozoa from the Badenian (Middle Miocene) of the Moravian part of the Vienna Basin (Central Paratethys, Czech Republic)

Zágoršek, Kamil; Vávra, Norbert; Holcová, Katarina


First trace fossils of Ctenostomata in the Tertiary of Czech Republic (Terebripora falunica FISCHER, 1866) have been found in the Czech part of the Vienna Basin as well as two specimens of the very rare Ceriopora tumulifera CANU & LECOINTRE, 1934 and the youngest fossil record of the genus Tholopora. A new species of Calpensia (Calpensia sedleci n. sp.) and two different species of the genus Schizomavella could be distinguished. A dubious taxon listed in many different genera (Flustra (?) dubia BUSK, 1859) has been restudied, redescribed and attributed to the genus Laminopora now. A table is given finally, summarizing the bulk of taxonomical results achieved.


bryozoataxonomymiocenevienna basin