Original paper

Hipparion (Equidae, Mammalia) from Venta del Moro (Valencia Province, Spain)

Pesquero, María Dolores; Alberdi, Maria Teresa; Montoya, Plinio


The abundant record of Vallesian and Turolian Hipparion has given rise to a proliferation of taxonomic names and considerable systematic confusion. Such is the case with specimens from Venta del Moro (MN13). Those identified as Hipparion (similar to those from the Layna locality) include H. primigenium, the large-sized form, with a later indication of the possible presence of H. primigenium, H. gromovae and another distinct form called Hipparion sp. I. These specimens have even been assigned to H. cf. H. dietrichi. Two species of Hipparion at Venta del Moro, H. primigenium and H. matthewi, are identified by comparison with specimens from Pavlodar (Kazakhstan, small form), Sahabi (Lybia), Samos (Greece), Höwenegg (Germany) and the four Spanish sites of Cerro de la Garita (Concud) (middle Turolian, MN12), Arquillo, Milagros and Las Casiones (these latter late Turolian, MN13). These results suggest extensive dispersion of H. matthewi and the persistence of H. primigenium in Spain throughout the end of the Miocene.


equidshipparionmultivariate analysisturolianlate mioceneventa del morovalenciaspain