Original paper

An elasmosaurid plesiosaur from the Aalenian (Middle Jurassic) of Western France

Vincent, Peggy; Bardet, Nathalie; Morel, Nicolas


An historical specimen of a plesiosaur (Sauropterygia) from the Aalenian (Middle Jurassic) from Le Mans (Sarthe Département, Pays de la Loire, Western France) is described for the first time. The specimen preserves fifty-eight vertebrae, rib fragments and the proximal extremities of both humerus. Amphicoelous articulation surfaces, the reniform shape and the longitudinal crest on the lateral surfaces of the cervical vertebrae indicate that it belongs to the Elasmosauridae, although the specimen is too incomplete to give a more precise determination. This specimen represents one of the few consequent plesiosaurs from the Aalenian stage worldwide.


sauropterygiaelasmosauridaeaalenianmiddle jurassicfrance