Original paper

Unionoid bivalves from the Miocene Berzdorf Basin (eastern Germany): taxonomic remarks and implications for palaeoecology and palaeoclimatology

Scholz, Henning; Tietz, Olaf; Büchner, Jörg


For the first time, unionoid bivalves from the Miocene lignite mines of eastern Germany are described. Margaritifera flabellata (GOLDFUSS, 1837) from the Lower Miocene of the Berzdorf Basin is represented by four specimens. They inhabited the channel of a meandering river. M. flabellata from Berzdorf is the third occurrence of this species outside the Alpine Molasse Basin. The dispersion of these bivalves in the Miocene of Central Europe is indicative of the warming during the Miocene Climatic Optimum.


margaritiferaberzdorfwiesa floral assemblagemiocene climatic optimum