Original paper

Decapods from Jurassic (Oxfordian) sponge megafacies of Dobrogea, Romania and reconsideration of Nodoprosopon Beurlen, 1928

Schweitzer, Carrie E.; Feldmann, Rodney M.; Lază r, Iuliana R.


Examination of Jurassic decapod crustaceans associated with microbialite-siliceous sponge biostromes in Gura Dobrogei, eastern Romania, has yielded a unique association of these organisms. Goniodromites aliquantulus new species appears to have inhabited layered sponge biostrome settings only, whereas Cycloprosopon dobrogea and Goniodromites spp. appear to have inhabited a variety of microbialite-siliceous sponge environments. The genus Nodoprosopon is severely restricted to contain only two species, and Planoprosopon new genus is erected to embrace Planoprosopon heydeni new combination. The latter species is known from Romania only in microbialite-siliceous sponge biostrome habitats. The Goniodromitinae, previously considered as a subfamily of the Prosopidae, is here raised to family status. Revision of the Prosopidae sensu lato is ongoing.


crustaceadecapodabrachyurajurassicoxfordianromaniasponge biohermsponge biostrome