Original paper

Bathyal sharks from the middle Pliocene of the Romagna Apennines (Italy)

Marsili, Stefano; Tabanelli, Cesare


Bathyal shark teeth are described from middle Pliocene marine sediments of the Rio Merli, Rio dei Ronchi, Rio Co di Sasso, and Rio Cugno sections cropping out near the Brisighella and Riolo Terme villages (Ravenna), in the Romagna Apennines. The teeth are referred to the species Scymnodon cf. ringens, Centrophorus cf. granulosus, Deania aff. calcea, and Pristiophorus sp. representing the first record of bathyal sharks for the Romagna region. These new data fill partly the stratigraphic gap that characterizes the Plio-Pleistocene deep-water elasmobranch record in the Mediterranean. Paleobiogeographic and paleoecologic implications are discussed.