Original paper

A new plicatocrinid crinoid, Tetracrinus jagti, from the Cenomanian (Upper Cretaceous) of southern Poland

Salamon, Mariusz A.; Gajerski, Artur; Gorzelak, Przemyslaw; Łukowiak, Magdalena


A new species of plicatocrinid (Crinoidea, Cyrtocrinida), Tetracrinus jagti, is recorded from the upper Cenomanian of the Wolbrom-Miechów area (southern Poland). It is characterised by a small, smooth and flattened basal ring, of circular outline. Found associated in our samples are numerous, relatively tall, U-shaped, brachials with granulated latera; these may either belong to this new species, or represent a second plicatocrinid/tetracrinid of Cenomanian age. This present find constitutes the youngest record to date of the family Plicatocrinidae [or Tetracrinidae sensu Nicosia, 1991] in the suborder Cyrtocrinina.