Original paper

Heissigia bolligeri gen. et sp. nov.: a new enigmatic dormouse (Gliridae, Rodentia) from the Miocene of the Northern Alpine Foreland Basin

Prieto, Jérôme; Böhme, Madelaine


We describe a new genus and species (Heissigia bolligeri gen. et sp. nov.) with a highly unusual dental pattern from the early Middle Miocene (middle MN5) of the locality Affalterbach (Germany, Bavaria). This taxon is also present in the late Early Miocene (MN4) of Switzerland (Tägernaustrasse-Jona). The phylogenetic relationships of this new taxon are discussed. According to the present state of knowledge an immigration of Heissigia in MN4 from unknown origins is assumed.


northern alpine foreland basingermanyrodentiagliridaeglirinaemiocene