Original paper

A new argyrolagid marsupial from the Early Miocene of Patagonia (Argentina)

Carlini, Alfredo A.; Pascual, Rosendo; Goin, Francisco J.


We describe Anargyrolagus primus gen. et sp. nov. (Marsupialia, Polydolopimorphia, Bonapartheriiformes, Argyrolagoidea), represented by cranial and mandibular remains collected from Colhuehuapian beds (Early Miocene) of Patagonia (Chubut Province, Argentina). This species is the oldest and most primitive argyrolagid known from Patagonia. In several aspects it resembles the cranial, mandibular, and dental features exhibited by the late Miocene species of Argyrolagus; however, it preserves three additional teeth of the generalized metatherian dental formula, the canine and the first two premolars. In occlusal view, its molars are more quadrangular in outline than those of Argyrolagus and Microtragulus.


mammaliametatherianeogenepatagoniasouth america