Original paper

A review of the pterosaur Ctenochasma: taxonomy and ontogeny

Bennett, S. Christopher


The pterodactyloid pterosaur genus Ctenochasma, a common faunal component in Tithonian Lithographic Limestones of Europe, is reviewed. There are three species that can be distinguished on the basis of differences in the number and robusticity of teeth: C. roemeri from the Berriasian of Deister Hills near Hannover; C. elegans from the Lower Tithonian Solnhofen Limestones of southern Germany; and a new species, C. taqueti, from the Lower Tithonian of St. Dizier, France. The sample of C. elegans includes adults and juveniles in a wide range of sizes that provide insight into the growth and development of Jurassic pterodactyloids.