Original paper

New genera of late Visean metaspondil dasycladales from the Fuenteobejuna section (Mississippian of the Guadiato Valley, southwestern Spain)

Cózar, Pedro; Somerville, Ian D.; Rodríguez, Sergio; Medina-Varea, Paula


The microfloral assemblages of Mississippian carbonate outcrops close to Fuenteobejuna, southwestern Spain, are analysed and the occurrence of new genera and species of Diploporaceae dasyclad algae can be highlighted. Two new taxa are described, Guadiatella delicata n. gen. n. sp., and Borladella alternans n. gen. n. sp. Both taxa are new monospecific genera without equivalence in the Mississippian. They occur in upper Viséan rocks, in the Asbian and Brigantian substages. The genus Japhetella is here considered as an invalid genus.


calcareous algaetaxonomycarboniferousspain