Original paper

Early Hauterivian brachiopod fauna from the Stara Planina Mountain (eastern Serbia): taxonomy, palaeoecology and palaeobiogeography

Radulović c, Vladan; Radulović, Barbara; Jovanović, Gordana


The Early Hauterivian brachiopod fauna from Vladikina Ploča in eastern Serbia, here described for the first time, includes representatives of rhynchonellides and terebratulides. The rhynchonellides are scarce, represented by a single genus with Fortunella? decipiens (D'ORBIGNY, 1847) and Fortunella? sp. (sp. nov.). The terebratulides are abundant and include representatives of four genera with Capillithyris middlemissi CALZADA, 1985, Nucleata cf. strombecki (SCHLOENBACH, 1867), Cruralina strambergensis NEKVASILOVA, 1978, and Dictyothyropsis lilloi CALZADA, 1985. The age of the brachiopod-bearing strata was accurately defined by the ammonite association. The abundance of terebratulides in the brachiopod assemblage from eastern Serbia was related to favorable environmental conditions, which are characterized by relatively deep water of an outer shelf, low energy and muddy sea bottom. The present records extend the geographic distribution of these taxa from eastern Spain, south-eastern France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, eastern Romania, and eastern Serbia, which during the Early Cretaceous, were along the northern margin of the European Tethys.


brachiopodsearly hauteriviancretaceousstara planina mountaineastern serbia