Original paper

The nyctitheriids (Lipotyphla, Mammalia) from Early Oligocene fissure fillings in South Germany

Ziegler, Reinhard


Nyctitheriids (Soricomorpha, Mammalia) from 16 karstic fissure fillings from the Franconian and Swabian Alb in South Germany are described. The fissure fillings span the Early Oligocene standard Soumailles and Villebramar levels, which correspond to the Paleogene mammal units MP 21 and MP 22. Three new species were identified; including the most common nyctitheriid in all samples, Cryptotopos communis n. sp. Euronyctia franconica n. sp. and Euronyctia recta n. sp. are sparsely recorded. The nyctitheriids were most speciose and abundant in the Eocene, and some survived the Grande Coupure. These new Early Oligocene species may represent immigrants. After this faunal break the nyctitheriids never regained the diversity previously seen during the Eocene.


crytotopossaturniniaeuronyctiasigenyctianew speciessystematics