Original paper

Stenolaemate bryozoans from the Middle Devonian of the Rhenish Slate Massif (Eifel, Germany)

Ernst, Andrej; Schroeder, Stefan


19 bryozoan species have been identified in the Freilingen, Junkenberg and Cürten formations of the Middle Devonian (Eifelian to Givetian) of the Dollendorf and Prüm synclines in the Rhenish Slate Massif, Germany. They include one new genus with one species - Prolixicella bifurcata gen. n. sp. nov., two new species - Nematopora tenuis sp. nov. and Intrapora germanica sp. nov., and a new combination Spinofenestella antiqua (GOLDFUSS, 1826) n. comb. The taxonomic composition of the fauna stresses connections to contemporary faunas of France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland as well as the Eastern Americas Realm.


taxonomypalaeobiogeographyeastern americas realm