Original paper

New finds of Ochotonoma csarnotana (Lagomorpha, Ochotonidae) from the Pliocene of Hungary: a new look on the species

Č ermá k, Stanislav


A new material of Ochotonoma csarnotana found at Beremend-26 (Late Ruscinian, MN 15b) is reported, compared with type material, and analyzed in detail. The results are expressed in a redescription of the taxon and its variation. Intrageneric composition of Ochotonoma is discussed and assigned; O. anatolica SEN, 1998 and O. ortalicensis (ÜNAY & DE BRUIJN, 1998) are regarded as junior synonyms of O. csarnotana (KRETZOI, 1959). New data on the paleobiogeography and phylogeny are discussed.


lagomorphaochotonidaeochotonoma csarnotanacsarnota-2beremend-26mn 15b