Original paper

Millericrinus milleri (Schlotheim, 1823) (Crinoidea: Millericrinida) from the Nusplingen Lithographic Limestone (Upper Kimmeridgian, SW Germany)

Schweigert, Günter; Salamon, Mariusz A.; Dietl, Gerd


The present paper describes a large Late Jurassic millericrinid, Millericrinus milleri, from the Upper Kimmeridgian Nusplingen Lithographic Limestone (Beckeri Zone, Ulmense Subzone) of south-western Germany. Based on this material which includes a complete calyx, a definitive generic assignation was possible. For comparison purposes, the cup of this crinoid from Oxfordian deposits of southern Poland was studied. The crinoid is characterised by a large, distinctly pentagonal, very low and wide cup. In comparison to a closely related Jurassic species, Millericrinus charpyi, the present find comes from younger strata. Moreover, M. milleri differs from M. charpyi by possessing a smooth lateral surface of calyx. In case of M. charpyi, it is covered with ten oval bosses. The crinoid was co-occurring with some special echinoids and bivalves and other typical indicators of coralliferous shallow water deposits that suggests the neighbourhood of firmgrounds or hardgrounds in a shallow water environment, which is completely eroded today.


lithographic limestonestaphonomypreservationpalaeocologypalaeogeographygermanypoland