Original paper

A review of gastropods from a Callovian (Middle Jurassic) glacial drift at Lukow, Eastern Poland

Kaim, Andrzej


This paper reviews all available data on gastropods from an abandoned Callovian clay pit in Łuków Łapiguz located on the large glacial drift. A total of 51 species of gastropods are reported from this locality in contributions by Makowski (1952), Schröder (1995), and Kaim (2004). The fauna of the sideritic concretions is dominated by aporrhaid gastropods while the clay fauna is dominated by the alleged eumetulid Cosmocerithium and maturifusids. The latter association is characteristic for Jurassic sunken-wood assemblages and might originate also in such a setting. The PCA and cluster analyses groups well this distinctive association and clearly delimit from other gastropod associations in that region. A new genus and species Makowskispira lapiguzensis is described and attributed to Ampullinidae. The new genus differs from other members of the family by distinct spiral ornamentation.