Original paper

Typology and petrogenesis of granitic rocks in the Sanandaj-Sirjan metamorphic belt, Iran: with emphasis on the Alvand plutonic complex

Sepahi, Ali A.


Various types of granitoids occur in several plutonic complexes in the Sanandaj-Sirjan Metamorphic Belt (SSMB), Zagros Orogen, Iran. Outcrops of S-type granites have been reported from many localities in the belt. I-, M- and A-type granites have also been reported from some parts of the SSMB. The petrogenesis of the S-type granites is most interesting due to the variety in their geological features. Garnet-, Al2SiO5-, and cordierite-bearing S-type granites are common, especially in the Alvand Plutonic complex. In some parts, they show spatial and genetic links with migmatitic rocks. Radiometric ages have indicated middle Jurassic to Tertiary ages for major plutonic bodies, especially for granitic rocks of the SSMB. The plutonic bodies of the SSMB were built in various magmatic suites generated in a continental arc setting followed by collisional and post-collisional magmatism.


granitoidsiranmigmatitess-type granitessanandaj-sirjan metamorphic belttectonic setting