Original paper

Early Pleistocene rodents (Rodentia, Mammalia) from Trlica near Pljevlja (Montenegro)

Bogićević, Katarina; Nenadić, Draženko


The hill Trlica (Pljevlja, north Montenegro) is renowned for a rather rich large mammal fauna, but small mammal remains from this site have not been subject of special study till now. We present in this paper the description and the analysis of five species of rodents found on this locality (Dinaromys dalmatinus (Kormos, 1931), Allophaiomys cf. pliocaenicus Kormos, 1933, Mimomys ex gr. reidi-pusillus (Hinton, 1910/Méhely, 1914), Glis sackdilligensis Heller, 1930, Hystrix cf. refossa Gervais, 1852. The composition of rodent fauna allows us to determine the age of this locality more precisely, and according to it an Early Pleistocene age (Mimomys savini-pusillus zone) has been proposed.