Original paper

First myliobatiform teeth (Elasmobranchii, Neoselachii) from the Pondaung Formation (late middle Eocene) of Central Myanmar

Adnet, Sylvain; Cappetta, Henri; Beard, K. Christopher; Marivaux, Laurent; Marandat, Bernard; Chaimanee, Yaowalak; Jaeger, Jean-Jacques; Tun, Soe Thura; Soe, Aung Naing


Some elasmobranch teeth, belonging to the batoid genera Dasyatis and Ouledia, have been collected for the first time in three late middle Eocene localities of the Pondaung Formation from Central Myanmar, which are known for their abundant continental vertebrate remains. Considering the environmental conditions, the occurrences of these elasmobranch teeth are indicative of the proximity of the sea shore and/or deltaic systems, which would have allowed to these rays to enter fresh waters.


myanmarmyliobatiform teethmiddle eocenefossil recordpaleoenvironment