Original paper

Revision of the stratigraphic provenance of Ethegotherium carettei (Notoungulata, Hegetotheriidae) by sedimentary petrography

López, Guillermo; Manassero, Marcelo


Ethegotherium carettei Minoprio was considered among the species with derived characteristics from Divisadero Largo Formation (Mendoza, Argentina); seven thin rock sections were taken for petrographical analysis to test the hypothesis that it could come from more modern stratigraphic levels. The rock containing the type of E. carettei shows scarce matrix, presence of carbonatic cement and accessory minerals (microcline and hornblende), thus being very similar to the sandstone from Mariño Formation and different from the wackes characteristic of Divisadero Largo Formation. This analysis indicates that E. carettei proceeds from Mariño Formation and not from Divisadero Largo Formation, as it has been stated since the erection of this species.


argentinadivisaderanpaleogenepetrographic microscopysedimentology