Original paper

New specimens of Propotamochoerus (Suidae, Mammalia) from the late Miocene of the Balkans

Geraads, Denis; Spassov, Nikolaï Garevski


We describe new remains of the small Suidae Propotamochoerus from the late Miocene of Macedonia and Bulgaria, which greatly increase the European sample. They are clearly distinct from both the Vallesian P. palaeochoerus and the Pliocene P. provincialis, but cannot be satisfactorily referred to the Asian species P. hysudricus or P. hyotherioides. It is likely that these Balkan specimens belong to a species of their own, probably distinct from the P. palaeochoerus - P. provincialis lineage.


late mioceneturolianaegean regionmacedoniabulgariamammaliasuidaepropotamochoerus