Original paper

Reassessment of "Nummoloculina" regularis Philippson, 1887, a benthic foraminifer from the Upper Cretaceous of the Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria

Schlagintweit, Felix


The benthic foraminifer "Nummoloculina" regularis Philippson, 1887 was described from lagoonal marls of the Lower Gosau Subgroup in the Lake Wolfgang area of the Austrian Salzkammergut. The taxon has frequently been reported from many Cenomanian strata in the peri-Mediterranean realm and is commonly used as a biostratigraphic marker species. However, the species described by Philippson does not belong to the genus Nummoloculina Steinmann, 1881, and Cenomanian shallow water limestones with nummoloculinids do not exist in the Northern Calcareous Alps. Instead, the specimens illustrated and described by Phillippson exhibit features that place it in a possible relationship to Vidalina hispanica Schlumberger, 1899, a common benthic foraminifer in the Lower Gosau Subgroup.