Original paper

On the true nature of the supposed urodelan amphibian Boomgaardia v. Huene, 1948 from the Middle Jurassic of SW Germany a tanaidacean!

Schweigert, Günter; Etter, Walter


Boomgaardia v. Huene, 1948, was originally described to be an urodelan amphibian. Subsequently this interpretation was strongly questioned and the specimens from the Aalenian of Swabia were reinterpreted as arthropods but without a closer determination. Now, we identify the material of this taxon as a tanaidacean crustacean and selected a lectotype. Boomgaardia salamandriformis v. Huene, 1948 represents a junior synonym of Opsipedon gracilis Heer, 1865.


arthropodacrustaceatanaidaceaurodelapalaeoenvironmentjurassichistory of scienceerrata