Original paper

Mammals from the Cyrena Beds of Offenbach (Hesse) Biostratigraphic correlation

Ziegler, Reinhard; Storch, Gerhard


A faunule of 30 isolated teeth and jaw fragments from the Cyrena Marls of Offenbach in the Hanau Basin is presented. Though it consists of relatively few specimens, the faunule is astoundingly diverse, and includes didelphids, soricids, talpids, allomyids, sciurids, castorids, cricetids, and one tooth of a viverrid. The composition of the faunule unambiguously indicates a post-Grande Coupure correlation. This suggests a biostratigraphic correlation to the Early/Late Oligocene transition (MP 23-25) for the Offenbach locality.


marsupialsinsectivoresrodentsviverridsystematicsbiostratigraphic correlationearly late oligocenemp 24