Original paper

Cranial osteology of Iharkutosuchus makadii, a Late Cretaceous basal eusuchian crocodyliform from Hungary

Ősi, Attila


The detailed cranial osteology of Iharkutosuchus makadii is described herein. Comparisons with advanced neosuchians and basal eusuchians confirm that Iharkutosuchus is a basal eusuchian, which shares several features with the Barremian Hylaeochampsa vectiana. On the basis of in situ and isolated teeth, the complete, heterodont dentition of Iharkutosuchus is reconstructed. The dentition is composed of incisiviform, premolariform and molariform teeth with an increase in the number of cusps on the crowns posteriorly. Iharkutosuchus has robust and wide ectopterygoids and extremely large and wide posterior teeth also supposed in Hylaeochampsa. Additional special characters include the closed supratemporal fenestrae and the long, posteriorly extended process of the maxilla. These features are related to the food processing of this small-bodied animal. Iharkutosuchus confirms the hypothesis that the advanced caudal migration of the secondary palate is a consequence of the structural reinforcement of the skull.


skullarchosauriaeusuchiaheterodont dentitionlate cretaceoushungary