Original paper

A new Early Miocene bryozoan, Favosipora ichnusae sp. nov. (Cyclostomata), from the Isili Limestone of Sardinia, Italy

Toscano, Francesco; Taylor, Paul D.


Favosipora ichnusae sp. nov. is introduced for a cerioporine cyclostome bryozoan from the Isili Limestone (Aquitanian-Burdigalian) of Sardinia. Originally described from the Recent of Australia, the genus Favosipora has not been previously recognised in the fossil record. It can be distinguished from rectangulate cyclostomes of similar overall morphology using the structure of the brood chamber, which in Favosipora is roofed by a pseudoporous exterior wall rather than the interior wall found in rectangulates such as 'Lichenopora' and Disporella.


bryozoafavosiporalower miocenesardiniaitaly