Original paper

The northernmost occurrence of the rare Late Pliocene rhinoceros Stephanorhinus jeanvireti (Mammalia, Perissodactyla)

Lacombat, Frédéric Mörs


Two postcranial bones, discovered in the Early Villafranchian (MN 16) strata in the Hambach lignite mine in the Lower Rhine Basin of Northwestern Germany, are attributed to the rare rhinoceros Stephanorhinus jeanvireti. The material is compared with the respective elements of Dihoplus megarhinus and Stephanorhinus etruscus. The Hambach specimens represent the northern-most record of S. jeanvireti, indicating that humidity might be the most important ecological factor for the palaeobiogeographic distribution of this species.


rhinocerotidaeherbivoresbiogeographymorphologygermanylower rhine basinhambachneogenevillafranchian