Original paper

Remarks on the genus Hexasmilia (Scleractinia; Cretaceous) and description of a new species from the Aptian of Spain

Löser, Hannes


The morphological characteristics of the genus Hexasmilia de Fromentel, 1870 are analysed for the first time, using material from the type locality of the type species. The position of the genus within the Heterocoeniidae family (Heterocoeniina suborder) is confirmed. The genus differs from Heterocoenia by its phaceloid growth mode and the presence of apophysal septa. Up to now, Hexasmilia was believed a monospecific genus, but in addition to the type species, the genus includes the species Hexasmilia pachythecalia (Kuzmicheva, 1980), previously attributed to Hexapetalum. Hexasmilia elmari n. sp. from the Aptian of Spain is newly described and further material is presented in open nomenclature. The genus reaches from the Late Barremian to the Santonian.


coralscretaceousspainnew taxascleractinia