Original paper

A nomenclatorial revision of Pleurotomaria suessii Hornes, 1853 and Cyclostomaria Szabo, 1980 (Pleurotomarioidea, Gastropoda)

Szabó, János


Cyclostomaria Szabó, 1980 was based on some specimens from the Bakony Mts (Hungary), misidentified on literature data as Pleurotomaria suessii Hörnes, 1853. Subsequent revision of the inferable syntypes of Pleurotomaria suessii Hörnes, 1853 from the Lower Jurassic Hierlatz Limestone which had been redescribed and for the first time figured by Stoliczka (1861), clarified that they actually belong to four species. None of these species corresponds to the concept of Cyclostomaria. Therefore, based on the misidentified and some newly collected specimens, Cyclostomaria monarii n. sp. is established herein to fix the type species for the genus in accordance with Article 70.3. of the ICZN (1999). Amongst the five possible syntypes of "Pleurotomaria suessii" from the collection of specimens, applied to prepare Stoliczka's (1861) figures, two ones are identified as Pleurotomaria debuchii J.A. Eudes-Deslongchamps, 1849, whereas two shells belong to different genera and represent two new species: Anodomaria stojaspali n. sp. and Trochotomaria lobitzeri n. sp. The last specimen is selected herein as the lectotype for Pleurotomaria suessii Hörnes, 1853.


anodomariacyclostomariapleurotomariatrochotomariamediterranean provinceearly jurassichierlatz limestone