Original paper

Early Miocene conifer macrofossils from the Most Basin (Czech Republic)

Teodoridis, Vasilis; Sakala, Jakub


A systematic overview of the conifer macrofossils (leaves, cones, seeds and wood) from the Lower Miocene of the Most Basin (Czech Republic) is presented and nine natural units (botanical species) are defined, belonging to three species of Pinus L. and one species of Pseudolarix Gordon, Quasisequoia Srinivasan & Friis emend. Kunzmann, Taxodium Richard, Glyptostrobus Endlicher, Tetraclinis Masters and Cupressospermum Mai emend. Kunzmann. Seeds of the latter taxon have been firstly described from the Most Basin. Different organs are rarely directly attached (pollen/seeds cones attached to a twig, a cone scale with seeds), but rather found in direct (close) or indirect (distant) association. The conifers are also characterized in environmental context as elements of several different vegetation types.


conifersmacrofossilsmorphologyxylotomyholistic approachpalaeoenvironmentearly miocenemost basinczech republic