Original paper

Non-fenestrate bryozoans from the Middle Devonian of the Eifel (western Rhenish Massif, Germany)

Ernst, Andrej


29 bryozoan species have been identified from different localities of the Middle Devonian (Eifelian to Givetian) in the Rhenish Massif, Germany. The described faunas represent all stenolaemate Palaeozoic bryozoan groups except Cyclostomata and Fenestrata. They include three new trepostome genera with three new species: Diphragmoides paradoxus gen. nov. sp. nov., Eifelipora ramose gen. nov. sp. nov., Multihemiphragma tenuis gen. nov. sp. nov., and further 17 new species - 8 cystoporates: Fistulipora reimersi sp. nov., F. schlueteri sp. nov., F. bohatyi sp. nov., Fistuliphragma eifelensis sp. nov., Fistuliphragma gracilis sp. nov., Cliotrypa serratula sp. nov., C. cystosa sp. nov., Sulcoretepora tenuis sp. nov.; 5 trepostomes: Leioclema ahuettensis sp. nov., L. serratula sp. nov., Anomalotoechus quasitypicus sp. nov., A. tenuis sp. nov., Microcampylus regularis sp. nov.; and 4 cryptostomes: Intrapora leunisseni sp. nov., I. variabilis sp. nov., Acanthoclema elegantula sp. nov., and Streblotrypella eifelensis sp. nov. The taxonomic composition of the studied fauna suggests connections to contemporary faunas of France, Poland, North Africa, as well as the Eastern Americas Realm.