Original paper

New material of Propotamochoerus (Suidae, Mammalia) from the Irrawaddy Formation, Myanmar

Sein, Chitvander; Made, Jan Rössner


Currently the only members of the family Suidae known from the Miocene of Myanmar and Thailand belong to the subfamilies Tetraconodontinae with the genera Tetraconodon and Sivachoerus and Suinae with the genus Propotamochoerus recorded by few specimens. Here new records of the genus Propotamochoerus from the Lower Irrawaddy Formation at Tebingan in Myanmar are documented with additional material of P. “hysudricus” and for the first time with P. wui. Though the species P. “hysudricus” from the Indian Subcontinent needs revision, its presence in Myanmar indicates faunal affinities between both areas. Propotamochoerus wui is further known from Lufeng, southern China, and indicates faunal affinities between SE Asia and southern China. The finds are consistent with a Late Miocene age of the deposits.


propotamochoerussuidaeirrawaddy formationtebinganmyanmarlate miocene